Good trance is more than just music. It is an experience which takes a steady hand and steady heart to produce, and which communicates directly with the emotions that drive us and define us as human beings.

'Lies' is good trance.

This latest offering from Black Sunset Music's lead artist showcases Jeremy Vancaulart's growth as an artist, offered as a natural celebration of coming into his own as an advanced producer. Instead of overwhelming, 'Lies' washes over the listener and draws him or her into its engrossing and melodic story, building layer over layer of enchanting synth lines atop a steadily progressing bassline and percussion element.

The construction of the track is complex, eschewing formulaic builds for a deeper, tidal structure of rolling growth and subsidence that appeals to the engaged listener and entranced dancer alike. 'Lies' accurately conveys the ebbs and flows of emotional experience - in part because that is precisely what it is.

  • 7:01
    Jeremy Vancaulart